The overall objective of the project:

Project Delbi 2 is a continuation of project Delbi 1 carried out within Interreg Estonia- Latvia programme 2007-2013. Within the framework of the project, small and medium-sized companies will be provided with practical help in starting and expanding the cross-border business. The priority sectors are timber, food and tourism, additionally, start-up companies will be supported.

The specific objectives of the project:

The aim of the project is to facilitate active cooperation between Estonian and Latvian companies. Cross-border companies need practical and relevant B2B matchmaking. It is very important to promote business climate and opportunities in each country, to make them attractive for starting partnership and exchange of ideas, to start traiding or joint-venture with interested companies.

The main planned activities:

Participation with a joint stands at the Valmiera fair and one fair in Tartu each year, a contact visit for entrepreneurs to Latvia and Estonia once a year, mutual participation in the Tartu Entrepreneurship Week and Vidzeme Entrepreneurship Days, organising of Estonian-Latvian for a, where the entrepreneurs, politicians, officials and representatives of business organisations of both countries can discuss the bottlenecks in the Estonian-Latvian business ties and opportunities for development. There will be two training cycles where entrepreneurs will be provided with knowledge in practical issues. There is a plan to produce a series of short films on the experience of cooperation between Estonian and Latvian companies.

Project partners:  The participants of the project are the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (lead partner), Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia, Tartu Science Park.

Programme: Interreg Estonian-Latvian program

Project number: Est-Lat12

Project implementation period: project duration is  01.04.2017–31.03.2020

Total project budget: Interreg Estonian-Latvian program support is 380,415.10 euros, co-financing of the partners is 67,132.09 euros.

Programme home page:

Contact person:

Vaido Mikheim
Project Manager
Mobile:+372 5309 5906


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