BalticSatApps Acceleration Program is looking for teams developing applications of Earth Observation data

Tartu Science Park in close cooperation with ESA BIC Estonia (www.esabic.ee) and BalticSatApps project (www.balticsatapps.eu) is opening a call for start-up teams and up to 2 years old businesses situated or established in Estonia developing applications based on Earth Observation data. The BalticSatApps project (www.balticsatapps.eu) strives to increase the market uptake of open Earth observation satellite […]

Singaporean and Malaysian markets as business opportunity for Estonian and Latvian manufacturers

Asia, especially South-East Asia (SEA), has a lucrative and prosperous image looking from afar. As with many distant things, it is also surrounded with many stories and myths, some tempting and some warning. Are those markets too big for us, Estonians and Latvians? Are we too unknown, too small? With too little (marketing/production) power? Are we […]

RELOS3’s first LONG-TERM VISIT important milestone

RELOS3’s first Long-Term Visit recently took place in Emmen, the Netherlands.  RELOS3 is a five-year EU-project on smart specialisation strategies deployment with a local perspective. It unites institutions from Sabadell (Spain – lead partner), Bologna (Italy), Wielkopolska (Poland), Emmen (The Netherlands), Tartu (Estonia) and Malta. Long-term visits are a specially designed activity within the project […]

Game Camp Visby 2018 is an international 48h bootcamp for game developers from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. It will be held during October 12-14 in Visby, modern day UNESCO world Heritage site, located on the Gotland island in Sweden. During the Game Camp, the participants are expected to focus on developing the business side […]

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