Tartu Science Park opened a new international incubation program

Tartu Science Park has been supporting local game developers for the past three years through various programs. The computer game “Death and Taxes”, which was very successfully published last year, started and grew with the support of the Tartu Science Park incubation program. Among the incubator’s alumni are many success stories. ALPA Kids, an educational game […]

Science Parks and Universities Team Up to Pave the Path to First Estonian Deep-tech Unicorn

Tartu University, Taltech, Tartu Science Park and Tehnopol Science and Business Park team up to launch Põhjanael (North Star) – a joint programme to boost the growth of R&D-intensive startup companies.  Supporting emergence and commercialization of new and existing science and research projects is a key function of many science parks who know that the […]

IMPROVE Workshop and Peer Review – Centro Region of Portugal

IMPROVE project’s 2nd Interregional Thematic Workshop (ITW) and 3rd Peer Review (PR) events, organised by the Regional Coordination and Development Commission of Centro (CCDRC), took place on the 2nd and 3rd of December, 2020. The ITW and PR were initially planned as face-to-face workshops in Centro Region of Portugal but were then turned into online […]

Bringing key stakeholders together – IMPROVE

IMPROVE project aims to develop better delivery of RDI policies by creating new management and implementation methods.  With the contribution of project´s activities containing Thematic Workshops and Peer Reviews, learning processes have launched both on interregional level between project partners and regional level with local stakeholders. Regional level cooperation with stakeholders takes place in a […]

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