Game Camp Visby 2018 is an international 48h bootcamp for game developers from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden. It will be held during October 12-14 in Visby, modern day UNESCO world Heritage site, located on the Gotland island in Sweden. During the Game Camp, the participants are expected to focus on developing the business side […]

Entrepreneurship Week events at Tartu Science Park and SPARK Demo

Tartu Entrepreneurship Week takes place annually in October at the same time as the national entrepreneurship week in Estonia. This year, Tartu Entrepreneurship Week will take place on 1-6 October 2018 and the theme is “A Step to Your Future”. The registration is open. The goal of Tartu Entrepreneurship Week is to develop people’s business […]

Tartu Science Park invites entrepreneurs to export development programme

Export development programme is a practical course to develop export strategy with the main aim to identify step by step implementation programme. Participant will obtain knowledge of how to implement export strategy in the company in order to receive a postive result. Programme will allow to revise one’s company’s readinessfor export challenges both from resource […]

Workshop for biotechnology companies on 28th and 29th of August, 2018

On 28th and 29th of August a highly respected life sciences entrepreneur and advisor Iordanis Arzimanoglou will hold 2 workhops:”Precision Medicine’s impact on clinical diagnostics: Precision Diagnostics” and “How to support and fund the process from a Discovery to Biobusiness”. Event is free of charge and open to all registered participants. The registration will be open until August […]

European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Estonia accepted three new start-ups

European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Estonia (ESA BIC Estonia) had three new start-ups join the incubation program focusing on ground-based application of space technologies. ESA BIC Estonia, opened end of last year, held a successful second round with six applicants. In March 22nd, an official evaluation board was held with representatives form ESA and […]

Latvian wood and food industry companies at Tartu Maamess 2018 from 19th to 21st of April

Delbi2 will take Latvian SME´to one of the biggest South Estonian agricultural exhibitions in Tartu to find cooperation partners and clients. Tartu Maamess is very popular event among professionals and also wider public. Exhibition is divided to two parts – outside of the fair trade area is presented big variety of agricultural and forestry equipment, […]

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