Market Intelligence on China – Case Study on Nordic products

Nordic products are globally recognized as premium products – qualitative and reliable. And the Chinese market offers ample business opportunities. We invite You to be part of an interactive webinar, where Nordic entrepreneurs and experts from scientific fields will be looking forward to 2021 – how we see export to China taking shape. REGISTRATION: https://forms.gle/oHGYRADWNeHj8R8k6 […]

Unique incubation program for game and film industry companies was opened

Today, on the afternoon of September 23, Tartu Science Park and Tartu Centre for Creative Industries will present a unique incubation program at the sTARTUp Gaming conference, which will support companies in the gaming and film industries. We are looking for teams with an ambition to develop new products and services across the sectors. Andrus […]

Business must go on! Exporting to distant markets and product development trends today.

Update from 11.10.2020 Recorded version of event is now available for viewing at https://tartusciencepark.television.ee/ Slide decks of presentations are available below:Joan Zhang – PDF  Pekka Oinas – PDFIlona Vanaga – PDFIida Viholainen – PDFIlkka Kauppinen – PDFRafael Jimenez – PDFMartin Flink – PDF Check out also NovelBaltic short video here on YouTube!—Would you like to position your product as […]

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