We assist in accelerating companies’ transition to circular economy solutions

Assessment and consulting on circular economy conditions

Tartu Science Park experts visit companies to conduct a questionnaire aimed at assessing the circular economy situation. The result is a report indicating the company’s level of circularity.

The report provides a general score of the circular economy level along with specific points indicating areas of strength and improvement. Based on the results, experts advise on how companies can better implement circular economy solutions.

The next step for companies is to participate in a free training program and/or apply for financial support to implement circular economy-related solutions.

This service for companies is funded through the Up2Circ project.


Under the Up2Circ project, 92 different small-scale projects related to the implementation of circular economy solutions in companies are funded across Europe.

The funding is allocated either for small-scale feasibility studies or for large-scale pilot projects.

Feasibility studies

Funding: Small-scale projects of up to €15,000.

Scope: Comprehensive validation of technical, economic, and social aspects related to the adoption of a circular business model, considering feasibility, viability, and environmental impact. Projects should focus on one or more circular business models, such as supply chains, sharing platforms, product as a service, product life extension, and recycling.

Expected outcome: Feasibility study along with a business plan.

Project duration: Maximum of 6 months.

Piloting and demonstrations

Funding: Large-scale projects up to €50,000.

Scope: Pilot and demonstration activities for the adoption of circular economy transition measures through the implementation of technologies, introduction of new products, processes, and services. Projects should focus on prototyping, piloting, and implementing new business processes, solutions, and systems.

Expected outcome: Validated prototype.

Project duration: Maximum of 12 months.

Before submitting a project application, consultation and online training (Up2Circ Academy) must be completed.
New call in spring 2025!


The online training program provides general knowledge about the circular economy and ways to implement it within one’s own company.

The training is funded for companies through the Up2Circ project.

The program consists of four modules:

Circular business models
Circular economy strategies and social innovation
Circular products design
Transformation into circular processing

75 learning hours, of which 0.5 hours are videos


Henri Hanson
Project Manager
Phone. +372 53097706

The Up2Circ project supports companies in implementing circular economy-related business models, product, and process innovation. The project is funded by the European Horizon program.