We are launching an unmanned aviation development environment in Tartu.

We are participating in the community work of ZeroEST to create an innovation environment for unmanned aviation in Tartu, aimed at airspace users, service developers, industrial companies, and research institutions. 

This initiative creates conditions for the development of innovative aviation concepts and safety standards, as well as facilitates the safe testing of automated aviation systems.

We are creating a sustainable development environment for the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicle systems and services in the region. Future services may include, for example, first aid and medical services, critical infrastructure monitoring, providing access to hard-to-reach areas, “last-mile” package delivery, etc.  

Partners in the drone field include the City of Tartu, Tartu Science Park, Tartu County Municipalities Association, the Estonian Transport Administration, and the Estonian Aviation Academy.

Living Lab

With the support of the ZeroEST community, the living lab brings together four parties – regular users, the private sector, research institutions, and the public sector – to make it as easy and fast as possible to test new technologies outside the laboratory.

We welcome investments and drone developers and drone service providers to Tartu, who could test their technologies here, develop them securely, provide services on-site, and then successfully expand globally.

Source: ResearchGate


Henri Hanson
Project Manager
Email: henri.hanson@teaduspark.ee
Phone. +372 53097706