Sparkup Incubator

From an idea to a globally successful business during the 12-month program with the help of Sparkup Incubator

For over 30 years, we’ve been dedicated to helping technology and science-focused businesses thrive. As leaders of the sTARTUp Tartu community and co-founders of the largest business festival in the Baltics, sTARTUp Day, we have a unique perspective and direct access to the best mentors in the region. 

What do we offer?

Key mentor support

10k € equity free support

Shared office space access

Access to over 100 workshops/events/conferences

sTARTUp Tartu community support

What are we looking for in teams?

We are looking for startups that have a smart and scalable business idea with partial completeness in their product/service, still in need of help with the business development side.

It is important to have a driven team and motivation to quickly move from the product to clients, to investors. There needs to be an initial product/service that could be tested on clients.

Sounds like your idea and team? Find out more:

The next application round starts in autumn 2023!

During the program

Help with roadmap and planning

Help with finding problem-solution fit

Help with prototyping and product development

Help with soft skills

Investor readiness

Get in contact

Hanna-Liis Remmelg Business Incubator Manager

E-mail: Phone: +372 5621 1627

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