Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q. How many companies are there on the Tartu Science Park (TSP)?

    Currently, there are almost 60 companies.

  2. Q. How big is the TSP?

    Currently, there are almost 60 companies on approx 6000 m2 of office, laboratory and production space.

  3. Q. I'm interested in moving my company to the TSP. How do I go about this?

    For more information, contact Tiit Urva,

  4. Q. What sorts of companies are based on the TSP?

    There is a restriction on the type of companies permitted access to the Tartu Science Park. A board consisting of Tartu City, TSP and Tartu University representatives decides the suitability of applicants to TSP. The majority of companies are involved in scientific research and development. There are a few companies that are supporting the companies by providing services in business development and funding.

  5. Q. What accommodation options exist for start-up companies?

    The TSP is sufficiently large that it is able to deliver a wide range of accommodation options for start-up companies. 

  6. Q. When was the TSP first established?

    was founded in 1992 and was the first organization in Estonia to set up with clearly stated intention of supporting innovation.

  7. Q. How far is the TSP from the Tartu City center and Tartu University?

    Tartu University and Estonian University of Life Sciences are scattered all around Tartu. Institute of Physics is just across the street, Institute of Technology is 1 km away and city center approximately 5 km. Regular bus service makes it easy to connect from the Center to TSP.

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