Gaming+Film Incubation

Gaming and film industry incubation program

Tartu Science Park and Tartu Centre for Creative Industries together with Tartu Film Foundation are calling gaming and film industry companies a unique incubation program.

How to find users and paying clients?
How to be visible in a crowded market?
How to set goals and monitor progress?
How to do marketing for your games?
How to approach publishers and investors with your game studio?

Are some of those questions important for your startup?

If yes, then we have good news for you!

Tartu Science Park in cooperation with Tartu Centre for Creative Industries and Tartu Film Fund is launching an incubation program aimed at game developers and film industry companies interested in gaming.

Video games have evolved into complex works of art, where game design marries many other art forms including 3D animation, music and storytelling. The desire to be actively involved in an engaging story is a basic human impulse, and the main reason behind the success of computer games is the interactivity they offer. Games and films are likely to merge since people would prefer to engage in something that combines different forms of entertainment. In the future, the movies will be playable, and games allow players to access more movie-like content within them.

Technical competence and experience will be brought to participants together with APT Game Generator, Tartu Film Fund and international partners of Baltic Explorers project. Participants will have access to international mentors, free participation at international events and numerous relevant workshops. 

We will be working with the teams individually and focus on crucial aspects the teams are struggling to solve.

Our workshops will cover the following topics:

    • Business model validation
    • IP and legal issues
    • Where to find first paying customers?
    • Pitching training and preparing of different pitch decks
    • Where to find users and how to grow the community?
    • Marketing and branding
    • Investor negotiations and funding
    • Storytelling 

Trainers and mentors are professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and practitioners who know the sector and the challenges that teams face. Participation in international conferences is vital for building a network, finding clients and investors.

Incubation program will kick off with a boot camp in October and end with a demo day in January.

The application period is from September 23rd, 2020 –  October 9th, 2020. You can find the application form on this page – button “Download the application”. Send your filled applications to

Startup teams, as well as established companies (up to five years of age), are welcome to apply. We welcome studios developing games to any platform (PC, mobile, VR, AR, consoles)  and film studios dealing with visuals, music or any other aspect of films.

The games incubator at Tartu Science Park in collaboration with Tartu Centre for Creative Industries and Tartu Film Fund is funded by Baltic Explorers project.

Send your filled application to:

Hanna-Liis Remmelg
Incubation Manager

Tel: +372 5621 1627


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