Edvin Aedma

Edvin is a games producer & game/system designer, story writer and marketin/communication consultant and entrepreneur. He is currently working with more than four separate game companies/development teams in Estonia. He taught practical game development & design courses in University of Tartu. Some games Edvin has worked on: Shortest Trip to Earth, Circle Empires, Office Management 101, Teleglitch: Die More Edition etc.

Gerri Kodres

Gerri is one of the most active technology investors in Estonia. He is the founder and partner of United Angels VC. Gerri has invested into different companies, like Bolt, Monese, Veriff etc. Previously he was a board member of Fortumo for 7 years and he has a long experience as a international business manager.


Triin Kask

Triin has been an entrepreneur for 10 years. She is a co-founder for a mobile tech startup Nevercode and ex-CEO. Having worked closely with Google, she is well versed in various aspects of international business and can assist companies with strategic management and positioning issues. She has also raised money from Estonian and London investors and knows the world well.

Ivo Remmelg

Ivo is Venture partner for Superherocapital based in Tallinn. He is an experienced serial entrepreneur, angel investor, author of a book and also serves as ESTBAN president, Romivo.com and Ridango.com board member, EBAN Space Executive board member and as Tehnopol and ESA BIC mentor. Before joining Superherocapital he was involved with Telegrupp and Startupwiseguys accelerator.

Lauri Antalainen

Lauri is the co-founder and partner in CareGrow. As well as Lauri is the co-founder and partner in GameFounders. GameFounders is the first business accelerator dedicated to startups in video games sector. Lauri is ready to help with the following: F2P game desig, retention and monetization design. As well as with mobile games business model/investor/publishers.

Martin Goroško

Martin is the Business Development Manager at Science and Business Park Tehnopol. Due to that, he is dealing with starting companies on daily basis. Martin is a member of the supervisory board at Latitude59, which is the flagship startup & tech event of the world’s first digital society. He is a mentor in Prototron and in the TV show Ajujaht. Martin has high knowledge of marketing and PR communication.

Mikk Luige

Mikk has been professionally engaged in computer games industry for 6 years. He has been part of developing process of 4 games. Starting from beginning of development until publishing and selling on Steam platform. Mikk has been part of many other smaller projects in following roles: 2D artist, programmer, game designer, as well as been on leading positions. He has built a whole game from zero as a solo-developer. Next to that, Mikk has given lectures in Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences in Tallinn for three years. Some examples of games Mikk has worked on: Voidship: The Long Journey, Disco Elysium, Good Robot, Unrest.

Märt Lume

Märt started to study game design in Vancouver on 2004. He has been working on animation, webgames, MMO and entrepreneurship softwares since. He has had the roles of producer and designer. Märt is back in Europe since 2014 and his biggest passion is VR and AR.

Natasha Trygg

Natasha Trygg is the CEO & Creative Director of MiTale, a game development company from Finland focusing on narrative-driven experiences in mixed reality. She is an active member of the Finnish games industry as Chairperson of IGDA Finland and board member of Neogames and Suomen Pelinkehittäjät Ry. She is one of the founders and elected Chairperson of The Hive – Turku Game Hub (game business center in South-West Finland). Besides industry work, she is active in academic field and teaches courses in game design and game (digital) art production at University of Turku.

Paul Flanagan

Paul is an Advisor at Creative Mobile OU, the Estonian mobile game developer. He had first hand experience with mobile game discovery and monetization, the pressure points of the mobile game industry, with Tequila Mobile SA. Previously he was a mentor at GameFounders and worked in the City, at J P Morgan and Citibank, and has an MBA from INSEAD

Siim Kinnas

Siim Kinnas is an intellectual property (IP) and technology transfer specialist with extencive experience. He focuses on the commercialization of intellectual property created during research and development. His main areas of expertise are engineering, including materials science, mechanics, chemistry and information technology.

Suvi Kiviniemi

Suvi's expertise lays on the business side of things: game entrepreneurship, startup team leadership, strategy, business development and management. Also, if someone has questions about the game industry and ecosystem in Finland/Helsinki, she has a fair amount of knowledge on that.

Sven Illing

Sven Illing is an early stage investor and adviser of numerous startups. During last 10 years he has helped over 100+ teams and invested into 70+ companies, including ca 30 startups in gaming. He is a co-founder of GameFounders, one of the first gaming startup accelerator in the world. Sven holds an MSc in Management of Technology and Innovation from Manchester Business School.

Taavi Raidma

Taavi is a digital marketing strategist with 10 years of experience. He is the co-founder and CEO of digital marketing company Convertal. Convertal helps to create and implement marketing plans for startups as well as stock exchange companies. Taavi is specially interested about e-commerce marketing, marketing analytics and export marketing strategies. He is certified Google Trainer. He has studied business and economics in Wheaton College in USA and has a master degree from London School of Economics.

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