Prototron invites scientists to pitch

On the initiative of Prototron and in co-operation with Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and Tartu Science Park, pitch event “Science Pitch” will take place on the January 30 for the scientist as part of the sTARTUp Day. CEO of Prototron, Jana Budkovskaja said: “Scientists are doing outstanding work in Estonia, but they lack the knowledge and some initiative to sell their […]

Best startup-game 2019 will be chosen at Baltic Sea Games

Baltic Sea Games, a brand established by the EU-Interreg Baltic Game Industry project to connect the Baltic Sea Region and its games industries under an umbrella identity. The eight European countries adjacent to the Baltic Sea join forces to strengthen the visibility for their games industries and facilitate access to this important market. At GameOn, […]

Tartu Science Park promoting Game Camps teams at Pocket Gamer Connects in Helsinki

The Game Camps project partners, Tartu Science Park included, are promoting the Game Camps partnership and supported teams at Pocket Gamer Connects 2019 conference in Helsinki, October 1-2. “As the project activities have been mostly carried out already, much of the team’s work is currently focused on gathering feedback from people involved and preparation of […]

Future of forestry industry in Estonia and Latvia key topic in Estonia – Latvia Business Forum 2019

On Thursday 12th of September key people from forestry and wood manufacturing sector gathered at SPARK Demo centre in Tartu to discuss future trends, challenges and collaboration opportunities of the forestry industry during annual Estonia-Latvia Business Forum 2019. The forum involved prominent entrepreneurs and experts from the sector as speakers – Mr Ivar Dembovski, Chairman […]

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