CDG Booster

he Creative Digital Growth Booster (CDG Booster) project focuses on accelerating the growth of tech companies in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia by leveraging new digital technologies in traditional industries. This initiative will support companies in scaling their businesses, finding investors, and entering new markets.
Project duration: 36 months from May 2024 – April 2027
Objective: The project aims to build an accelerator program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that develop and apply cutting-edge digital technologies (e.g., VR, AR, XR, metaverse, game technology-based applications, simulations) to traditional industries such as construction, architecture, education, health, and more. The program will create a strong cross-border ecosystem, enhancing collaboration and expertise sharing among the three partner countries.
  • Bridging the gap between rapidly developing technologies and their user-friendly, market-ready applications.
  • Supporting relatively small tech companies in reaching new markets, customers, and investors.
  • Addressing the lack of wider business networks for tech companies targeting traditional sectors.
Key Components:
  1. CDG Booster Accelerator Platform:
  • Establishment of the accelerator platform.
  • Initial recruitment of participating SMEs, with ongoing enrollment over the first 24 months.
  1. Scale and Grow Process:
  • Delivery of a comprehensive booster program featuring workshops, mentoring, individualized development paths, advisory services, and peer-to-peer support for CEOs and management teams.
  • Development of a cross-border ecosystem by engaging leading companies and creating a sustainable collaboration platform.
Expected Outcome: The project aims to scale up 15-20 companies by the end of the program, enhancing their ability to innovate and succeed in close cooperation with traditional business fields.
Henri Hanson

Henri Hanson
Project Manager 
Phone: +37253097706