BalticSatApps project aims at speeding up the market uptake of Earth observation (EO) satellite data in the Baltic Sea Region by utilising societal challenges and needs, and the developer community as innovation drivers. As a result of the project, awareness and access to the data provided by Copernicus Programme will be improved, and demand and innovation will be stimulated by applying co-creation methodologies and
iterative development, e.g. hackathons. based on EO data.

Regional science and technology parks will also learn how to support SMEs in the emerging EO market by running tailored acceleration programs. In this process, involved project partners will build their capacities to untap the innovation potential of the EO sector.

The project consortium represents five distinctive regions: Finland, Poland, Sweden, Estonia and Russia (St. Petersburg), spanning the needed parts of the value network to enable the development of new innovations, and represents deep insight into the topic area, from leveraging the strong Nordic startup scene to seizing commercial opportunities present in larger European markets.

The partnership has been built to ensure the effective development of the project methodology. Therefore, organisations of three different roles have been invited to join the consortium:

  • Copernicus data user support organisations: Finnish Meteorological Institute, Swedish National Space Board (SWE), Tartu Observatory (EE), Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (PL), and European-Russian InnoPartnership (RF).
  • Innovation stimulation organisations: University of Turku (FI), Swedish National Space Board (SWE), Cracow University of Technology (PL), and St.Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre (RF)
  • Business development organisations: Turku Science Park (FI), Tartu Science Park Foundation (EE), Cracow Technology Park (PL).

More information available on BalticSatApps webpage:

The project runs three years starting from 01.10.2017.

Contact in Tartu Science Park

Henri Hanson

Project Manager
mobile:+372 5309 7706

The project is funded by Baltic Sea Region Programme.

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