Game Camps


Central Baltic Game Camps – development of new type Gaming sector’s joint ventures accelerator for Central Baltic Region

The overall objective of the project: Game Camps is an initiative to strenghten cross-border ties between the Baltic Sea countries’ game industries.

The specific objectives of the project: The express goal of the project is to help establish at least 10 cross-border game companies over the next 3 years, working with no less than 240 aspiring game developers from Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Sweden.

The main planned activities: The partners are organizing 4 international hackathons – Game Camps, held in Tallinn and Riga (2017), Kotka and Gotland (2018).

Project partners: Overall 4 organizations are involved from 4 countries, Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. Lead partner is Cursor Oy from Finland.

Programme: Game Camps is co-financed by the EU INTERREG Central Baltic programme:

Project number: Central Baltic 421
Project implementation period: 2016-2020

Total project budget: 1.58 MEUR, incl. budget for Tartu Science Park: 177 991,26 EUR (incl. own contribution: 31 410,23 EUR)

Project home page:

Contact persons: Henri Hanson, project manager at Tartu Science Park, +372 5309 7706, Lead partner contact: Mr. Teemu Saarelainen, Project Manager of Game Camps and Head of Games at Cursor Oy, finland,



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