Sparkling Startups (SPARKS) project’s primary goal is to encourage and promote establishment of new joint or cooperating startup companies between Estonia and South-West Finland.

SPARKS aims to achieve this goal via following activities:

  • organizing startup events in Estonia and Finland (mainly in Tartu and Turku)
  • enabling attendance of major Finnish and Estonian startup events such as SLUSH, Latitude59, Startup Day, SHIFT and others
  • offering mentoring for startups in Tartu and Turku
  • know-how of local market and contact facilitation for startups by TSP and TuSP staff
  • organizing and facilitating cross-border business visits and meetings for startups
  • joint events and sharing the news between Turku SparkUp and Tartu SPARK startup communities
  • matching and promotion of Turku and Tartu universities student teams and spinoffs-spinouts

Project partners within SPARKS project are Tartu Science Park (Lead Partner) and Turku Science Park Ltd.

We are acting in close collaboration with other players in local startup landscape and ecosystem such as Boost TurkuHumak CreveTartu Biotechnology ParkTartu Creative Industries CentreStartup Hub and others.

Project duration: 01.03.2016 until 28.02.2018

Total budget of the project: 229 591 €

SPARKS project is financed by Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020.

Contact in Tartu Science Park:

Vaido Mikheim

Project manager

mobile: +372 5309 5906


skype: theowuss


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