1. Applied research and product development projects

    We help technology-intensive companies and innovative teams to approach potential investors for loans and grants, e.g. Enterprise Estonia programmes, EstBAN investors, etc.

    Tartu Science Park consultants help the company to analyze their project, give feedback and support in preparing the needed documents and help with intros to potential investors.

  2. Consultancy for start-ups

    Tartu Science Park consultants offer spin-offs and other knowledge- and technology-intensive companies a versatile service for starting their business. Our competence includes business idea validation, business plan creation and partnership networking both in Estonia as well as abroad.

  3. Export plan consultancy and soft-landing support

    Throughout the years we have been developing our extensive partner network in Estonia as well as all over the world. We support our clients in their international endeavours and help international companies to soft-land in Estonia.

  4. Co-operation with local R&D institutions

    Tartu Science Park encourages young people for entrepreneurship and facilitates company collaboration with research institutions. Courses and business plan contests directed towards students have given rise to several new companies. A number of our clients have solved their technological challenges with the help of local universities.

    Do not hesitate to contact Vaido Mikheim for additional information about consultancy services -
    phone: +372 5309 5906

Technology transfer

Tartu Science Park is participating in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

EEN has more than 600 member organisations across Europe and beyond. With the help of the network we provide expertise, contacts and events to connect you with the right international partners to grow your business.

With access to a daily managed database of global partnering opportunities, an entrepreneur using our services can submit their business offer/request and gather information about international partnership offers.

Access to EEN database

In order to gain a better overview of the technologies available in the database, it is possible to search it.

The database provides companies and universities an opportunity to:

  • find international co-operation partners for developing, improving and marketing a novel product or technology;
  • co-operate with the most innovative organisations in Europe in order to solve a technological issue;
  • keep themselves updated with the most novel technologies in their field;
  • obtain international orders and fruitful co-operation offers for R&D.

In order to promote technology transfer, the EEN is also organising a number of brokerage events all over Europe. The calendar of these events can be browsed from here.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information:

Henri Hanson
phone: +372 5309 7706

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