S2B Workspace

S2B Work Space is a brand new open office area in Tartu City Centre University of Tartu Delta Business Building led by Tartu Science Park.

S2B Work Space suits for startup minded freelancers and for smaller teams (up to 5 people). S2B Workspace has a modern work environment with a big meeting room and two call booths, kitchen and relax area, where we host coffee morning as well as movie nights. While renting a desk in S2B Workspace you are in the middle of sTARTUp Tartu Community and get notified first about all events in the scene.

S2B Work Space offers office access 24/7  and fast Internet connections, lease contracts can be from one week up to unlimited deadlines. You can choose from hot desks and dedicated desks.

All teams in S2B Launchpad Incubation are granted 2 spaces in our Work Space 

You can be there already today with Eesti Energia development team and with startups like Spaceit, Futuclass and Salv Technologies.




Hot Desk


Dedicated Desk


*VAT will be added to prices

Work Environment


Co-working area

All included co-working area with 32 desks.

Call booths

Two separete call rooms for more private calls- room for 1-3 persons.


Homey kitchen for even the neediest of tastes.

Relax area

There is a massage chair, pop-up library, TV and couches to take it easy.

Meeting room

Meeting room is equipped with 65" TV and there's enough space for 10 people.


Modern office space in brand new University of Tartu Delta BUsiness Building

Get in contact

Kristofer Jürispp
Community Manager

Phone: +372 5342 3302

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