Project name and brief description:

As part of the BalticLSC project, we are researching and developing access opportunities to big data computing services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Baltic Sea region.


According to the PRACE report, the EU loses 2-3% of GDP annually due to insufficient use of big data computing capabilities in business development. The situation is even worse in the Baltic Sea region. Therefore, the project’s goal is to significantly increase the capacity to create new, innovative, data- and computation-intensive products and services offered by a large number of smaller participants in the region.


In this project, we are investigating the needs of entrepreneurs, providing opportunities for discussions, and acquiring new knowledge in the field of big data computing. Additionally, we actively communicate with big data computing service providers and launch a pilot platform to develop relevant services for various users.

Project Partners: The lead partner in the project is the University of Warsaw, supported by universities, science parks, and other business centers from Latvia, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, and Lithuania.

The program under which this is carried out: The project implementation is supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Program.

Project number: #R075

Project duration: 30 months, 01.01.2019-30.06.2021

Project budget: The project budget is 2.4 million euros (MEUR), of which the European Union’s contribution is 1.8 MEUR. The budget for Tartu Science Park within the project is 215,600 euros, with 85% of this amount funded by the EU.

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Henri Hanson

Henri Hanson
Project Manager 
Phone: +37253097706