Project name and brief description:

ESSPO project objective is to improve the entrepreneurship policies and/or strategic plans of the partner regions involved in the project, aiming to enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and promote activities in innovation.


ESSPO seeks to address its main objective through the resolution of the following sub-themes:

1. Development of new support services for SMEs that better meet the expectations and needs of enterprises.
2. How to better target support services according to the target group, ensuring the right service reaches the right company.
3. Integration of different types of support services (financial, mentoring, infrastructure provision) into a coherent whole.
4. Avoidance of fragmentation of support services and coordination of collaboration between different institutions.
5. Enhancement of entrepreneurial management at strategic and policy levels through increasing awareness among different interest groups and fostering ownership of policies/strategies.
6. Accumulation of experiences, knowledge, and inspiration across the partnership to enhance the competence of policy makers and supporters.
7. Development of action plans in partner regions that go beyond paper plans and are implemented in real economic life.


Through comprehensive and practical support service provision, we aim to see revenue growth for companies in partner regions in both domestic and international markets. This will achieve effective, positive, and efficient impact on the local economy through support services provided by the public sector. The project consortium includes institutions with diverse competencies – entrepreneurship support organizations, local governments, and innovation agencies. To achieve the set objectives, project partners will exchange entrepreneurial experiences and best practices, and develop common positions on the types of support SMEs most need from the public sector.

Project Partners: The project involves 8 partners from 6 countries.

Project number: PGI00087

Project duration: The project duration is from April 2016 to March 2021.

Project budget: 1 923 130, 00 EUR

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