Sparkup Tartu Science Park signed a memorandum of understanding with South Korea’s Gangwon Technopark

Today, Gangwon Technopark from South Korea and several entrepreneurs visited Tartu to discuss cooperation opportunities, as Tartu is the center of Estonia’s biotechnology sector and we have very good examples of collaboration between scientists and businesses.

During the visit, we signed a memorandum of understanding with Gangwon Technopark, represented by President Jang-Hyun Hur, to open doors for long-term, science-based collaboration and to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the health technology sector. Among others, health and biotechnology companies located in our business campus, such as Solis BioDyne, BioCC, and the Competence Centre on Health Technologies, had the opportunity to present their activities.


“Health and biotechnology are one of our five focus areas, and we have agreed with the founders that Tartu Science Park will help accelerate startups in this field. We have companies that are already in the South Korean market or have chosen it as one of their business directions. The cooperation agreement signed today will help future startups or growth companies to enter and expand into the new market more efficiently. On the other hand, together with the city of Tartu, we can be the main access point for South Korean companies to the Estonian health technology sector. Such international cooperation also supports the realization of the Health Founders Estonia vision,” says Andrus Kurvits, board member of Sparkup Tartu Science Park.

“Gangwon Province is focused on digital health startups and therefore has more lenient regulations, so Estonia has a lot to learn about how to make regulations more business-friendly.”

Many thanks to the city of Tartu for bringing distant guests to Tartu on Estonian Flag Day!