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From idea to globally successful business with the help of S2B Launchpad incubator

Helping startups to grow has been our core business for the past 27 years. We are part of a community of mentors, investors and startup-minded people of sTARTUp Tartu community.

What do we offer?

12+12 months program

  • up to 100 mentor-hours from field experts
  • key-mentor support up to 4h per month
  • one place in S2B co-working space
  • free entrance to over 100 workshops/events
  • chance to participate in international conferences/competitions/expos
  • support from sTARTUp Tartu community

Application deadline is 15th of every calendar month, after that the selected teams are invited evaluation panel.

The cost is 59€ (including VAT) per team for one month

What do we expect from teams?

We expect teams/startups, who have smart and scalable business idea, which has partial completeness in product/service, but still need help with business development side.

We expect technology to be tested in lab and/or simulated environment.

The main components for technology are mapped and mock up is available.

Did you check all the boxes? 

Then send in your application before the 15th of the current month!

S2B Work Space

All teams who are in S2B Launchpad will have two hot desks at S2B work space with all the benefits listed.

We wait other startup-minded teams and freelancers to join as well.

You can get more information about available desks and prices from incubation manager Hanna Liis Remmelg

Get in contact

Hanna-Liis Remmelg
Business Incubator Manager

E-mail: hanna-liis.remmelg@teaduspark.ee
Phone: +372 5621 1627

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