oiACADEMY https://openinnovationacademy.eu/ programme will help current and future professionals in the manufacturing sector to create innovative ideas and transform them and place them successfully in the market

oiACADEMY is an innovation and entrepreneurship programme based on a learning process that has a shape of a “double helix“; Acquiring knowledge with the support of the EIT Manufacturing Skills.Move learning platform and, acquiring skills through experiential learning activities.

oiAcademy Programme

oiAcademy is an innovation and entrepreneurship programme based on a learning process that has a shape of a “double helix”:

  • Acquiring knowledge with the support of the EIT Manufacturing Skills.Move e-learning platform and,
  • Acquiring skills through experiential learning activities and practicing open innovation dynamics.

The aim of the programme is:

  • to enable learners to acquire skills needed for start-up’s (or development units of large companies intrapreneurship mind-set) through problem-solving based product/service development with the “learning by doing” approach.
  • to enable learners to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for open innovation and strong development teams.
  • to enable learners to acquire the skills of planning, implementing, monitoring and analysing personal learning paths in the context of lifelong learning.

By graduating the programme, participants will be given an experience of co-operation, international network, overview of new technology and skills needed for implementing them.


Contact: I. Hunt, Tartu Science Park ingrid.hunt@teaduspark.ee 


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