BSGI projects first output is ready

Baltic Sea Game Incubation – Piloting Network Activities to Foster Game Incubation in the Baltic Sea Region (BSGI)

The extension project Baltic Sea Game Incubation builds upon the BGI-project and continues to work on boosting the game industry in the Baltic Sea Region – giving special attention to capacity building. Its main objective is to enhance business support of game incubators through strategic transnational collaboration with other game incubators in the Baltic Sea region (BSR). Joining forces in transnational cooperation will significantly raise the impact on industry development as opposed to acting alone. A viable international incubation network, a standardised incubation approach with powerful support tools and the expansion of the talent pool will enable young game studios and game developers to compete successfully in the game market and turn it into a growth market.

BSGI will demonstrate the efficiency of transnational activities in three areas: incubation partners, internationalisation, knowledge transfer. BGI focused on capacity building for implementing a dedicated game start-up programme. BSGI takes this a step further, enhancing this capacity in terms of moulding strong partners, heightening the quality of tuition for internationalisation skills of start-ups, shaping a standardised approach to incubation – challenges that can best be tackled by transnational collaboration. This will involve developing further the skills of incubator staff, mentors and investors as well as installing effective support services for game sector start-ups.

The White Paper on Competence Building for Mentors and Investors provides recommendations for future competence building measures, the added value of the transnational component and how to follow-up on these measures, i.e. how to make this a sustainable asset in terms of an increase of competent mentors available to the BSR incubation network and grooming new investors for the BSR game industry will be addressed.

The full version of the White Paper on Competence Building for Mentors and Investors.