Design more efficient innovation policy instruments with better RIS3 monitoring – Compilation of Findings published

To overcome challenges of RIS3 monitoring was at the heart of project activities of seven partner regions and countries of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project EmpInno Monitor S3. After nearly two years of intensive work with the implementation bodies as well as actors administrating and monitoring the smart specialisation strategies, the consortium has laid down its achievements and results in its compilation of findings. You can download it here.

In this, you can learn e.g. how:

– the region Satakunta/FI included in its RIS3 monitoring system a novel 6-step approach with companies and foresight methods through the cooperation with the business development agency “Prizztech”

– the Lubelskie Voivodship/PL developed a digital and qualitative feedback tool for dialogue with stakeholders

– in Latvia, the Riga Planning Region started for the first time a regionalised RIS3 monitoring approach and upgraded digital data tools

– Rostock Business advocated to include sub-regional stakeholders and the company perspective into RIS3 monitoring processes in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania/DE

For these and more regions all partners elaborated in a structured way for you:

1. A process description and short contextualisation of the problem/need with regard to the monitoring of smart specialisation strategies
2. Results of what they have been doing to overcome challenges for RIS3 monitoring
3. Success factors and potential hindrances of their activities as well as
4. Experiences of the cooperation with the strategy owner.
The partnership hopes that you can enjoy the read and apply some of the very useful tipps and experiences in order to improve your RIS3 monitoring system. Based on this solid ground you will be able to take better informed decisions and design more efficient innovation policy instruments.