Entrepreneurship Week events at Tartu Science Park and SPARK Demo

Tartu Entrepreneurship Week takes place annually in October at the same time as the national entrepreneurship week in Estonia. This year, Tartu Entrepreneurship Week will take place on 1-6 October 2018 and the theme is “A Step to Your Future”. The registration is open.

The goal of Tartu Entrepreneurship Week is to develop people’s business sense and a favourable attitude towards entrepreneurship, as well as to inspire entrepreneurs with growth potential to take more action.

Tartu Entrepreneurship Week has been held since 2005. In the past few years, almost 80 different events have taken place as part of the Entrepreneurship Week. This includes competitions, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, conferences and information days as well as the organisation of educational games and visits to various companies. Everyone starting from students to operating entrepreneurs is welcome to attend the events taking place during Tartu Entrepreneurship Week.

Tartu Entrepreneurship Week is organised by the Entrepreneurship Department of the Tartu City Government.