IMPROVE project’s Tartu region Action Plan

The main priority of the local action plan under implementation in the Tartu Region is to design the deep tech start-up support strategy for Tartu City.

The main aim of the policy instrument Development Plan of Tartu City 2018-2025 is to develop the city of Tartu as a knowledgeable, smart, entrepreneurial, inspiring, caring and creative city. Tartu Science Park is focusing on Tartu as a knowledgeable and academic city and Tartu as a smart entrepreneurial city. Tartu has competitive and sustainable enterprises, and a high-tech economy and is the best place to start a business and attract investments.

Overview of Action Plan

  1. Mapping of the current state of deep-tech start-ups and ecosystems in Tartu and Estonia (including the business and prototyping services and infrastructures available)
  2. Establishment of dedicated focus area groups – Smart city, startups, deep-tech, industry
  3. Organising roundtables and strategy meetings with international, national, and regional stakeholders (governments, universities, companies, start-ups, and support organisations)
  4. Designing the deep tech start-up support strategy for Tartu City

You can find the Action Plan on IMPROVE project webpage


Compiled by: Ingrid Hunt, Tartu Science Park, July 2022

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