Baltic Sat Apps eel-inkubatsiooni programm

Tartu Science Park in close cooperation with ESA BIC Estonia and BalticSatApps project is opening the second call for start-up teams and up to 2 years old businesses situated or established in Estonia developing applications based on Earth Observation data.

The BalticSatApps project strives to increase the market uptake of open Earth observation satellite data from the European Copernicus programme. Since 2014, Copernicus satellites have delivered earth observation data free of charge to anyone. The wealth of data holds tremendous potential for new services in the environmental, transport, energy and other sectors. BalticSatApps improves the opportunities of companies and organisations to use the data for developing the society and economy in the Baltic Sea Region.

The acceleration program will be fine-tuned for the specific needs of participants and will run from December 2019 until April 2020. During the program, we are offering 1 boot camp, 5 seminars/training, 1 Demoday/Hackathon and access to mentors on the following topics: E-marketing, Pitching, Lean Canvas, Sales, Legal issues, Fundraising and Investments. We will also cover the technical aspects connected with access to Copernicus data, downloading, processing, etc. The participating teams will be provided a key mentor from ESA BIC Estonia to help set milestones and follow-up during the program with access to an international pool of mentors according to specific needs.

Deadline for application is December 1st!

Please send your teams onepager (download template here: BSA_onepager_ company name) to:

The strongest teams will be invited to an international Demo Day and networking event and will be able to apply for ESA BIC Incubator program in 2020.

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