Prototron invites scientists to pitch

On the initiative of Prototron and in co-operation with Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and Tartu Science Park, pitch event “Science Pitch” will take place on the January 30 for the scientist as part of the sTARTUp Day.

CEO of Prototron, Jana Budkovskaja said: “Scientists are doing outstanding work in Estonia, but they lack the knowledge and some initiative to sell their ideas. At the same time, the world is expecting that any new solution or idea has to be implemented and brought to clients as soon as possible. Talking about R&D we do have to understand that there might be a significant time gap between developing the product and making to the market. We would like to help out in this process.“

Science pitch is not a competition, but a program where Prototron and partners help participants prepare for the elevator pitches and bring researchers together with key players in the startup community, mentors and investors.

Scientists are invited to present their research, thesis, invention and discovery ideas that can be commercialised.

Apply for the Science Pitch program until 20.01.2020.