Tartu Ettevõtlusnädal 2019: Cross-border cooperation – the better way to more unicorns?

Kuupäev: 10. oktoober
Kellaaeg: 11:30-14:30
Koht: SPARK Demo Narva mnt 3, Tartu, Estonia
Keel: inglise

Registreerimine: https://www.tartu.ee/et/kalender/cross-border-cooperation-better-way-to-more-unicorns

The two nations are considered to be booming startup nations, full of perspective and scalable business ideas, producing on regular basis tech-savvy teams of visionary minds and giving out cool & attractive vibes of get-it-done attitude.

But what if… we combined our efforts and supporting ecosystems to work together? Could we create a herd of Livonian unicorns?

Coolest business festivals in the region, TechChill and sTARTUp Day and Savviest early phase business angels from EstBAN share their insights to cross-border investments and give a brief overview of their plans for the new season.

As a bonus track, we have Invent Baltics who has helped companies such as Lingvist, Monese, 1oT, Skeleton Technologies get millions of € cash.

The project is part-financed by Estonian – Latvian Programme 2014-2020 (part financed by the European Regional Development Fund).

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