Market Intelligence on China – Case Study on Nordic products

Recap of webinar “Market Intelligence on China – Case Study on Nordic products” On January 20th we held webinar looking at case study of BMH Technology Oy and their road to establishing their presence in China as well as university-enterprise collaboration in developing deep-tech products. We took a quick glance to future of Baltic Sea Region Programme and its priorities (disclaimer: greentech, cleantech, blue-tech are prominent areas and companies are welcome participants in projects)! If you are curious about how to develop and market complex, science-intensive products, and be capable of entering the vast market of China……take a look at presentations below……or look at the full webinar recording.There are few valuable nuggets of information there – for example how to find right partners & people in China.    Recorded version of event (total length ca 2 hours) is now available for viewing at Slide decks of presentations in order of appearance are available below:1. Hely Häggman, University of Oulu – PDF 2. Lukasz Korpal, Baltic Sea Region Programme  – PDF3. Janet He, BMH Technology Oy – PDF4. Linards Klavins, University of Latvia – PDF5. Kristaps Erglis, System Innovations – PDF6. Dr. Wang Caixia, Beijing Forestry University – PDF7. Ilona Vanaga, SilvExpo – PDF Check out also NovelBaltic short video here on YouTube!

The webinar was brought to you by Tartu Science Park and partners in the NovelBaltic project framework. It is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund via Interreg Baltic Sea Region.